572 - Jayda's First Mummy!

24:39 video

Jayda is a curious girl who truly loves bondage.  She's done a lot in her private life, but she's never experienced a mummification, and wonders if I'd be willing to wrap her up nice and tight so she can she what it's like.  Unfortunately for her, she caught me on a bad day.  I've a lot to do and I just don't have the time to help her.  She begs me, pleading for just this one favor, and I give in.  Directing the ebony beauty to strip to her panties, I begin wrapping her tightly in pink vet wrap.  At first, she's all smiles as the bandages slowly cocoon her body.  Once I have her completely wrapped except for her head and her cute little bare feet, she grows uneasy, especially when I begin to strengthen her prison with electrical tape!  Now completely helpless and stuck flat on her back on the floor, she struggles, testing her bondage and realizing she's completely helpless.  She asks me to let her out, but I inform her that she's already been granted her one favor for the day, and unless she can get loose on her own, she's out of luck! She looks at me uneasily, trying to gauge whether I am joking, but once the panel gag is stuffed into her mouth and buckled snugly around her head, she knows I'm not kidding!  Now she's really upset!  Grunting angrily, she twists and turns, squirming like mad to get out, but it's no use.  She is furious at me and at herself for falling for the oldest trick in the book! When I return, she angrily demands to be released, her words thick and garbled through the ball sealed in her mouth and covered in leather.  I'm a man of my word, however, and I'm not letting her go.  What I WILL do is tickle her feet!  I had no idea how ticklish she is, so it's pure agony for the girl.  Screaming with laughter until she's left panting in her gag, she pleads with her eyes for mercy.  I'm a nice guy, so I leave her poor feet alone.  Unfortunately, I also leave Jayda alone, struggling all by her self in impotent fury, at least until I can think of something else to do to her!

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