569 - Captured Cop Keeps Cumming

24:29 video

It started as a routine traffic stop.  Unfortunately for Officer Irons, the man she pulled over had numerous outstanding warrants for his arrest.  Unwilling to go to jail, he snatched the officer from the side of the road and took her home as his prisoner!  Dragged into his living room, her wrists cuffed behind her back and her assailant's hand clamped roughly over her mouth, the desperate cop could not prevent a large ball from being stuffed and buckled deeply into her mouth, nor could she prevent him from tightly taping her body up until she was secured.  He delighted in watching her struggle and try to escape, highly aroused at the way her tight outfit clung to her body and the squeak of her boots as she tried to free herself from the tape.  Deciding that she needed to be a bit more helpless, he popped the ball from her mouth, stuffed an old rag in its place, and wrapped yard after yard of medical bandage around her head.  To add insult to injury, he then added several turns of her tape to her gag, rendering her almost completely silent.  She screamed for help as he taped her into a tight little ball, but her cries were swallowed up by the massive gag.  She still fought for all she was worth, but her mobility shrunk to nothing which each passing second. The felon knew he could not stay in one location for too long, and taking the cop with him would be far too much trouble, so he prepared to make his escape, but not before ensuring the officer's further humiliation!  Before she knew what had happened, the gorgeous buff blonde cop had been stripped naked and bound to the bed in a VERY revealing position, her legs spread wide so that her sexy pussy was totally exposed!  To guarantee the cop would be in no mental state to escape and spread the word, he fixed a vibrator between her legs and switched it on!  As the cop trembled and moaned into her gag, the assailant told her he'd be leaving word of her whereabouts via an anonymous phone call.  She'd be released, but not before her fellow officers wee treated to the site of the helpless cop squirming and cumming her brains out!  The assailant made his escape, and Officer Claire was left to endure an endless series of powerful climaxes that left her twitching and screaming into her gag as the vibrator buzzed away at her pussy!  When would help arrive?  Claire didn't know, but the orgasms were so strong, she wondered if she's still have a grip on her sanity when it did!

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