560 Hooters Waitress Mummified and Tickled

11:10 video

Alex (Little Red Girl) had worked the closing shift at her local Hooters restaurant the night before, and her manager called her into his office.  It seems she had a problem.  Someone had stolen over a thousand dollars from the till, and since she had closed, she was responsible!  Knowing she couldn’t pay back the money or take such a hit to her paycheck, she agreed to do whatever her boos wanted if they could forget about the missing cash.  The next thing she knew, she was perched on a stool, her tiny body mummified to a pole in clear plastic wrap!  She couldn’t believe how tight it was!  She could hardly move a muscle!  She called for help when her boss arrived and taped her mouth shut so she wouldn’t disturb the other diners.  Then, to give her something extra to think about, he yanked the stool away and the poor girl hung in space, welded to the pole!  She groaned and grunted into her gag, but she couldn’t budge an inch!  Things got worse when her boss returned, removed her shoes, and began to tickle her sensitive feet!  Shrieking with laughter into her gag, the poor girl thought she’d go insane!  As her boss left her alone for the evening, he reminded her that she had promised to work a double shift that evening, so she’d be “hanging around” for quite some time!!

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