512 - Judas - You're Not My Boyfriend!!

20:33 video

It's a slow day at work, and Judas all alone, so she is delighted to get a call from her boyfriend suggesting some kinky fun: he'll get a friend of his to stop by her office, tie her up, gag her, and pretend to abduct her and bring her to his place for a night of rope fun! She's really excited by the idea, and can hardly keep her mind on her job. Soon, a man grabs her from behind, clamps a rag over her mouth and pulls her away! Next thing she knows, Judas is bound with her wrists tied behind her back and her ankles lashed together. As she playfully explores the ropes, her phone rings again: It's her boyfriend, telling her he has to work late, and he could not reach his friend, so no bondage for her! Confused, she tries to tell her boyfriend that someone HAS tied her up, but the connection is bad and he cannot hear what she is saying. No matter, because the stranger returns and makes sure she is finished saying ANYTHING for a good long time, stuffing a fat red ball into her mouth and leaving her to struggle desperately! Unfortunately for her, her captor realizes they are all alone in the building, and takes great delight in binding again and again in different locations, always making sure t leave her struggling, drooling,mewling, her huge tits threatening to spill out of her tight top at any minute! Finally, he lets her in on the secret: he really WAS sent by her boyfriend, the call was just to fool her into thinking the whole thing was for real, and she'll be spending the night with him after all! Of course, she has a long ride ahead of her bound and gagged in the trunk of a car first, but she has a hunch it will all be worth it!

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