508 - Mallory's Mistake - Part Four!

10:12 video


Mallory was still trapped in the grip of the man she had intended to rob, and her bondage ordeal continued to grow even worse. Now she found herself bound spread-eagled to the bed, a tight crotch rope digging into her pussy. Her mouth had been stuffed and cleave-gagged with a tight tape gag ensuring her silence as her captor delighted in punishing the poor girl. He continually pulled at her crotch rope, delighting in her muffled shrieks and feeble squirms. Her eyes grew wide as he detailed what he had planned for her, and when she renewed her struggles, he decided she had to learn submissiveness. He took a pair of scissors and cut her panties from her body, slowly pulling them against the crotch rope and then slowly folding them tightly before stuffing the soiled underwear into her already gagged mouth!! He wrapped even more tape around her head, completely sealing her mouth and trapping the dirty wad inside. Mallory quickly learned that her airflow was severely restricted, her only air coming through her nostrils due to the airtight mouth packing. Unfortunately for her, her captor knew this all to well, and delighted in pinching her nostrils closed and completely cutting off her air supply! Each time he released his grip, the girl sucked in as much air as she could, her efforts always hampered by the constant pulling on the crotch rope, now buried deeply into her bare pussy! Finally, the man grew tired of the game and slapped another strip of tape over her nose, shutting off her air supply completely! Mallory watched with panicked eyes as the man left her alone to wonder how long she would survive!!

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