440 - Lady Sunshine's Orgasm Peril

16:56 video

Lady Sunshine, legendary superheroine, entered the villaain's lair in search of the evidence she could use to send him to prison and end his reign of terror.  When the phone rang in thee office, the cocky crimefighter answered it and engaged in taunting banter with the villain.  Unfortunately for her, she failed to notice the strange green gas that began to fill the room, and soon she was out cold.  When she came to, she found herself topless and bound spread eagled to a bed in a strange room, a powerful vibragtor strapped between her legs!! The villain appeared and explained that she would be sold, just like all his other pretty young victims, but this time, she'd be auctioned off to the city's most notorius villains!  Not only that, but she had been injected with a powerful stimulant/aphrodisiac combo, and soon she'd been cumming her brains out, literally!  If she could not free herself, the vibrator stimulation would not only make her cum, but the orgasms would be so powerful, she'd go insane from pleasure, and the entire ordeal would be streamed live on the web as part of the auction!  Once the vibrator was switched on, the plucky superheroine fought the building pleasure with all her might, but she was no match for the combo of the vibrator and the serum, and soon orgasm after orgasm wracked her helpless body!  How could she escape, and if she could not, what would happen to her?  Find out in this explosive scene!!

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