381 - Captain Marvel Mesmerized and Cumming

14:31 video

Captain Marvel (Jamie Knotts) has finally tracked down Dr. Mesmer. She believes she has the drop on her, but quickly falls under the spell of his hypno-discs, and begins to fall into a trance. Before she knows what hit her, she is completely paralyzed and unable to move a muscle. Rooted to the spot like a statue with only the power of speech left available to her, she grunts and groans as she helplessly waits to see what the evil Dr. has in store for her. Soon, the helpless, buxom heroine is tightly bound and harness gagged and thrashing about in search of freedom. Unfortunately for her, the evil Dr. has an even more nefarious fate awaiting her! Her mind has been implanted with an uncontrollable urge to begin a frenzied struggle with all of her strength in the ropes that bind her. However, these ropes are no ordinary ropes.. They absorb electrical energies from the wearer, and when they reach overload status, they concentrate bolts of electricity directly into the pussy of the bound heroine! What’s more, with each climax, a portion of her brain will be erased!! It’s a horrific catch-22: The more she struggles, the harder she’ll come, and the more she comes, the quicker her mind will be erased! Powerless to prevent her own body from betraying her, Captain Marvel fights for all she’s worth, experiencing climax after electrifying climax, until all that remains of the once powerful heroine is a drooling blank slate, ready to do her new master’s bidding!

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