295 - Raven Eve - The Vanishing - Part 1

16:37 video

Agent Raven has been hot on the trail of a missing girl snatched by a criminal syndicate. As she searches the suspect’s home for evidence, a pair of hands descends upon her. One clamps tightly over her mouth, the other around her throat, and she’s roughly yanked to her feet. The man keeps her mouth sealed tightly shut beneath his hand, taunting and questioning her, frustrating by allowing her to always begin to speak before tightly handgagging her again and again! Her rage is building but despite her energetic fighting, she can’t get free. The man plunges a hand into her hair and wrenches her arm high up into her back, bending her over and forcing her to remove her shoes. Once she’s in her bare feet, he begins to bind her wrists, the helpless agent spewing a stream of threats and profanity as her wrists are tightly secured in savagely restrictive rope. The man stuffs a ball gag into her mouth, cutting off her blather. Furious, she struggles in his grip. In an instant, he tears her tank top to shreds, revealing her huge tits! Exposed, her struggles become even more energized as she feels more rope beginning to encircle her elbows! She constantly gag talks, drooling all over her chin and tits, but her humiliation delights the man. He XXXX her arms high into the air and swats her ass a few times to teach her her proper place. Forcing her to the ground, he binds her ankles and legs as she fights him like a demon, but she’s no match for the man. Yanked back to her feet, she is given a very tight crotch rope, then XXXX to hop in circles around the room! Even in this degrading task, she curses out the man, gurgling around the ball gag, threatening him with prison as her boobs bounce up and down with each circuit around the room. The man laughs and continues to taunt her, making her angrier by the second. Forcing her back to the ground, the man pulls her feet into his lap and begins slapping the sensitive soles of her feet. She screams in pain and frustration. Her defiance never wavers, not even when the man explains she’s about to disappear for good, just like all the other missing women she had hoped to save. He taunts her with her incompetence and helplessness, throwing the feisty agent into a rage. The man leaves her alone to contemplate her fate, and she thrashes about in a fruitless effort to loosen her ropes. Spying a phone on a nearby table, she scoots along the floor on her ass and uses her toes to secure the phone, her wrinkled, meaty soles on full display. Before she can call for help, the man returns and strips away her last hope of rescue! Using a small video camera, he films the feisty agent cursing him out as he continues to mock and belittle her. The drool is covering the poor girl’s chin and chest, and she is drenched in sweat from her struggles. Yanked to her feet, she’s led away to the next phase of her ordeal!!

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