242 - Mother and Daughter Detectives Captured!

15:28 video

Genevieve and Jeanette, the world's ONLY biological mother and daughter detective team have been hot on the trail of a nefarious criminal for months! After carefully staking out his apartment, they've broken in while he was away in order to gather evidence! Unfortunately for them, he's been laying in wait for the duo, and they're the ones who are going to be gathered! Subdued with a special XXXX serum applied to a rag, each is grabbed from behind and render helpless after having the rag clamped over their pretty mouths!! When each awakes, they find themselves bound to a table, their mouths filled with huge drool-inducing ball gags! Their shiny blouses have been opened to reveal their boobs nearly spilling out of their bras due to the tight ropes encircling their chests! Legs crossed and bound together and hands tied tightly in their laps, the helpless pair argue around their gags, drool pouring down their chins and dripping all over their boobs as they try to instruct each other in how to escape their plight! Their shiny disco pants rub against the ropes as they moan and drool, working against time hoping to free themselves before the villain returns! Finally, Genevieve manages to untie herself and rushes off, leaving her daughter still bound to the table! She pauses to explain she'll send help, but that plan falls apart when the villain returns and subdues her again! What will become of the pair??

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