183 - Adara's Mummification Escape!!

20:00 video

This one was AMAZING!  Adara Jordin placed in a series of tough ties, and managing to escape nearly all, including a mummification!  She starts off in a tape tie, and thrashes and hops her way to a pair of scissors, grunting through her gag at the exertion.  Just before she manages to cut herself loose, I catch her and place her in a tight taped hogtie as penance for her misbehavior!  She struggles and tosses and turns, and SOMEHOW manages to work the hogtie to her advantage (you have to see it to believe it), nearly choking herself in the process, pulling and straining and tearing the tape from her face and hair just through sheer leverage!  Now that I can see how much trouble she's going to be, she's mummified in vet wrap, mouth packed and sealed with clear tape.  Still she doesn't give up, rolling and arching her way around the room.  A blindfold wrapped around her head doesn't slow her down much either, as she works a hand free, finds the scissors and cuts away some of the wrapping!  She fights like hell to free herself, and finally does so, before running to the door and freedom, clad only in her skimpy underwear!

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