179 - Jeanette Cerceau - Taped Tied Over A Television

14:15 video

Jeanette is awfully proud of the con job she pulled on the unsuspecting man who bought her old tv.  In fact, she’s bragging on the phone with her girlfriend over how much she took the guy for when she hears a noise in another room.  Going to investigate, she’s grabbed from behind and forced down onto the bed.  It’s the man she ripped off, in search of revenge!  Before she can gather her wits, she’s handcuffed and her mouth stuffed with an old sock, held in place by several wraps of tight tape around her head!  The man forces her back into the living room, where he calls his friend to explain how he’s going to teach the naïve girl a lesson.  Her wrists fused together, tape binding her wrists, legs and ankles, Jeanette tries to scream for help, but the gag and the hand clamped tightly over her mouth make it impossible!  She tries to pick at the tape that binds her, but the man notices and wraps more of the sticky gray stuff around her hands and fingers, turning them into useless gloves!!  Now completely unable to free herself, she can only struggle and grunt as the man searches her apartment.  She struggles for all she’s worth, grunting into her gag in anger, but she’s completely helpless!  The man returns, having helped himself to her new tv and all the cash on hand, but he wants one more thing before he goes:  Jeanette!  Pulled roughly to her feet and hoisted over the man’s shoulder, she’s taken away to her new life!

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