178 - Gigi Lynn - Egyptian Sacrifice!!

38:16 video

Famous Egyptian scholar Gigi Lynn has located the priceless artifact, the Eye of Ra, and has brought it back stateside for inclusion in the museum.  Unfortunately for her, a follower of an ancient cult also wants the Eye, and will stop at nothing to obtain it!  He binds and gags the helpless researched, anchoring her wrists behind her to the foot of her bed as he searches her home for the ancient relic.  Struggling like mad, she frees herself, and ruses off to the hiding place of the eye.  When she removes it to transport it to a safe place, she is again set upon by the demented cultist.  This time, he zip ties her wrists and ankles tightly, and forces her into a hog tie from which she cannot escape.  To keep her from calling for help, he stuffs a foam ball into her mouth and seals it in with micro foam tape! Gigi rolls around, “mmmmppphhhh”ing and grunting into her gag as she fights for freedom, but it’s no use.  Finally, the cultist returns:  Now that he has the Eye, he only needs one thing to complete the ancient ritual that will bring his master back from the :  A human sacrifice!  The poor girl is helpless to stop him as he slowly and methodically mummifies her in white bandages!   Left in her cocoon, she rolls around in a panic as she tries to escape, but she knows her efforts are useless.  She’s to join the rest of the lost artifacts, sealed alive in a sarcophagus buried beneath the earth!!

Nearly 40 minutes of onscreen action

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