177 - Time Travel Troubles - Jamie Knotts and Genevieve

21:58 video

After a lifetime of research, Dr. Genevieve Beckett has perfected her time travel device.  Unfortunately, her unscrupulous assistant wants to use it to travel into the past and alter the evolution of women so they all evolve into bound and helpless slaves to men!  Subduing the doctor with fiendishly tight zip ties, she is left hogtied and gagged as he disappears to carry out his plot!  After a fierce and energetic struggle, she manages to make her way to a nearby set of scissors and cut herself free, then sets off through time to catch her former assistant.  Her assistant's first stop:  The 1980's, where he surprises a gorgeous blonde in the middle of her exercise routine!  Dressed in leg warmers, tights, and a shiny top, she is surprised when he appears in her living room, and she's even more surprised by his invention:  tape and mouth packing that use drone technology to fly across the room and tightly bind her all without his lifting a finger!  Trapped in tape and her mouth securely gagged, she fights to try and escape, but it's no use.  Fortunately, Dr. Beckett appears to help her, but unfortunately, the good doctor falls victim to her assistant yet again!  The helpless duo are left bound and gagged, screaming into their gags as they try and free themselves!

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