176 - JJ Plush - Tricked into Tight Ties

27:00 video

Bondage legend JJ Plush and I are discussing how the business is going when I mention that lately my models have been escaping my ties.  She offers to let me bind her so she can see if she can tell what I am doing wrong, but as each piece of rope goes on tighter and tighter, she begins to think she may have been tricked.  When her mouth is filled with a big ball gag, she’s SUE of it!  Struggling in her stockings, high heels, shiny blouse and skirt, she tries everything she can think of to get loose, but with her ankles and knees tightly bound, her  elbows welded together and her arms locked to her body, she’s not going anywhere.  Fortunately, that’s just how I want her!  Seems she tied my sister a few weeks ago, and was especially mean, so now it’s time for some payback!  The ball gag is swapped out and her mouth absolutely packed with a huge four inch foam ball, held in place with vet wrap sealing her stuffed mouth shut!  She can barely make a sound as her knees are tied to her chest, her huge natural breasts nearly spilling from her bra as she fights to escape what is in store for her, but she hasn’t a prayer of getting free!  Finally, the ball is removed and a giant pair of panties stuffed in place, trapped in her mouth with vet wrap and duct tape before she’s put into a nice tight hogtie!  She’ll think twice about how she treats my sister next time!!

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