169 - Rogue's Poor Feet

14:12 video

Rogue loves tight bondage and torment, and she’s suffered under some of the best riggers in the business, so it’s hard to find new ways to torment her, but I found one!  Bound in a box-tie with thin, tight twine, her bare feet lashed behind her to the chair she’s seated on, she’s not sure what’s in store for her, but when I mention that I hear she has sensitive feet, she starts to worry!  Mouth stuffed with nylons and taped into place with clear medical tape, she can only struggle against the twine and wait to see what I have in store for her.  I place thick rubber bands over and around the soles of each foot, then pull each back as far as I can before letting them snap back into place!  The pain is much worse than she feared, and she screams into the mouth packing as her body dances and jerks in response!  Again and again I snap the taut rubber bands, much to her distress.  Finally, I tie each big toe back into the boxtie, pulling her feet into a painful and unnatural angle as I leave her to await the next phase of her ordeal.  She’s lashed to the leg of a table with hemp rope, so new there is no give in the rope at all!  Once the ropes encircle her stomach she quickly has difficulty breathing, but it’s going to get far worse!  Her arms are pulled back behind her and anchored to another table leg, and she sits Indian style with her ankles crossed and bound in front of her.  A rope anchored to her chest lifts her legs off the floor and more rope tied to her big toes ensures she won’t be resting them on the ground at any time. Since she had so much pain before, I decide that some tickle treatment is in order.  All the while, I tease her with awful jokes, tickling her sensitive soles to make sure each joke gets the proper response.  Finally, she’s left to endure the rope and reflect on her afternoon.

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