165 - Raven Eve - FBI Agent's Ordeal

22:02 video

When Raven came to arrest me, she told me it could go the easy way or the hard way.  I chose the hard way, wrestling her to the ground and stuffing her mouth with cloth and cleave-wrapping it in place with vet wrap.  The struggling agent is bound with tape, her elbows fused together and her wrists and ankles bound before her skirt is removed and blouse undone so she can be searched for a wire.  Finding none, I leave her to struggle while I figure out what to do with her.  The girl fights like mad to get free, her big boobs almost spilling out of her bra, her nipples peeking over the top in her struggles.  When I return, I realize she'll need to be gagged even more effectively so her lower face is wrapped in vet wrap and tape, reducing hr angry, desperate cries to almost inaudible murmurs!  Now truly desperate to escape, she renews her struggles, but it's no use.  All she manages to do is expose herself even further.  By the time she realizes it's hopeless, she's a disheveled sweating mess, her hair plastered across her face.  Her ordeal is far from over, as she finds herself bound in my closet, her legs locked in a frog-tie with her heels pressing into her ass, her arms tied in a box-tie, and held in a precarious balance by a harness gag anchored to a bar in the ceiling! She'll soon become a sex slave, rented out for the pleasure of some of the city's most notorious criminals!  Sobbing and drooling, the poor girls struggles in her predicament, determined to escape her fate!  Will she succeed?

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