162 - Fayth on Fire - Good Help Is Hard To Find

16:46 video

Fayth has been slacking off on her duties around the house.  She keeps things clean for the most part, but she's very bad when it comes to taking care of my bondage equipment, leaving my rope in loose piles all over the house when I prefer tight coils.  Since she can't seem to grasp what I want, I decide it's time to show her first hand what tight really means!  She soon finds herself lashed to a chair, her elbows tied together and anchored to the chair!  Her feet are cinched together and more rope secures her above and below the knees, and more rope lashes her upper body to the chair, all cinched so tightly that she has to struggle to breathe!!  A nice, fat ball-gag keeps her protests to a minimum, but as she struggles she still gag talks up a storm, so I decide she need to be a bit more quiet and wrap her face with vet wrap, driving the ball even deeper into her protesting mouth!  She's left to struggle while I prepare things for her next lesson.  The lazy maid has done a terrible job keeping my closet neat and organized, so she's tied with her arms behind her and pulled high into the air and anchored to a bar in the ceiling!  Forced to remain bent over to ease the strin on her aching arms, she groans into her gag, all the while showing off her pretty bottom in her cute little panties.  I can tell she isn't going to work out well, so I give her a severance package - her final wages, placed in an envelope and tucked into the back of her panties!  If she can get loose, she can have it!  If not, I'm sure I can find other uses for a bound and gagged french maid!!

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