1541 - Minx's Mummy Torment Part 2

20:56 video

In Minx Girl's words:

Cinched removed the clothespins from my feet, and I was finally breathing a sigh of relief. That was cut short when he put them on my big breasts, leaving my nipples free for the dreaded electric toothbrush! He tickled my breasts (which got me VERY hot and wanting some fulfillment. He could almost read my mind, removing the clothespins from my tits and asking if I wanted to try them on my nipples. He knows how sensitive my nipples are and that any type of clamp on them isn't something I am normally into, but he had me so worked up I enthsiastically indicated my consent. He placed one clothespin on each nipple and left me to feel the sensations on my own. He was so mean! I wanted more vibrations! Cinched returned once again and asked if I was ready to have the clothespins removed and to his surprise, I wasn't! He decided to give my feet some attention again first with his mouth and then with the electric toothbrush. Cinched turned his attention back to my upper body, straddling and grinding on me. He knows I am always horny for him so this torment was extra stimulating and frustrating. He removed the clothespins from my nipples and sucked on them as I writhed beneath him. Cinched decided that a reward was in order since I took everything he gave me. He cut a hole down by my bits and wedged the vibe toy onto my bits. I humped into the toy, wanting my pent up energy out. My toes curled as my pleasure was building. Cinched told me that I would have to cum by the time he finished the countdown or I wouldn't get an orgasm. He counted down slowly and as I approached my climax, time had run out and he removed the toy. I whined into my plastic wrap. I really wanted that release, but Cinched had one final task for me... I would have to stay put unless I was able to free myself and if I could, I could have him! That was all the motivation I needed. I wriggled, struggled and moved around until I was able to get my hands to the hole that he had made for the vibe. I tore the hole as much as I could, pulling the plastic wrap until I had the top wrapping separated from the bottom. I kicked my legs, using my sweaty body to my advantage. With my legs free, I got to my knees and felt around on the couch for something to use to help my escape. The plastic wrap held my eyes shut, but I knew I felt some safety scissors. I took my spot on the floor, but since the wrap was so tight on my chest, I didnt want to go straight to cutting the wrap. I used them to help stretch the wrap and then cut what I could. I got my upper body free and ripped the plastic from my head. I hopped up to go find Cinched and get what he had promised!

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