1540 - Rachel Adams - Straight Jacket Securement

21:52 video

Every girl loves leather, right? The way it looks, the way it feels, the way it sounds when you move. All of those things are mighty enticing, so who could complain when given a nice new leather outfit? Well, Rachel Adams certainly doesn't seem to be too pleased with hers! Maybe it's the way the strait-jacket hugs her arms tightly to her sides, maybe it's the way the leather straps keep her legs folded and restrained, maybe it's the leather gag and the way the ball is stuffed deeply into her mouth, stifling her protests while the leather panel crushes her lips against her teeth and the straps circle her head, buckled so severely she feels like her head may pop! No matter what she dislikes about it, she's going to get VERY used to it, especially after Cinched continually appears to add more and more straps until she's left packaged into a tight little ball with even her head pulled back into the package! Still, she seems displeased. Some women have no sense of gratitude!

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