1538 - Minx's Mummy Torment Part 1

19:31 video

In Minx Grrl's words:

I was fully wrapped in plastic wrap, except for my nose, tits and feet, I was at the mercy of Cinched. I struggled on the floor, testing the plastic wrap for weakness, but I was stuck... just how I like it! Cinched came to join me, telling me that he had plans of how to have some fun with me in this vulnerable state. First, he took off his shoes and placed it over my nose, making me inhale his foot stink! Apparently, that wasn't enough because he then did the same with his dirty sock! I squirmed, but I wasn't able to get away. Cinched decided he would up the torment by grabbing an electric toothbrush and using it on my extremely sensitive nipples. I wriggled and writhed, trying to get some relief from the over-stimulation. Cinched decided that he couldn't let my exposed feet be left alone so he took the toothbrush to them next! I giggled and twitched, wiggled my feet but he was relentless! To make things even worse, he then decided to put his sock clad foot on my face while tickling me so I had to take big breaths of his stinky sock! After he had his fun, he groped my exposed breasts and left me to struggle while he went off to grab some more fun toys! Cinched returned with a new toy to play with... the crop! He took the crop to my naked breasts making me squirm from the pain. He used it on the tender sides of my tits and I groaned, hoping that he would turn his attention elsewhere and I didn't have to wait long. My feet were the next thing in his sights for the crop to turn to! He swatted the soles of my feet repeatedly and the bite of the leather made me wince. He went back to using the crop on my tits but this time, he went for my super sensitive nipples. I endured what he gave and I was rewarded with some pleasure. Cinched licked and sucked my toes as I was blissing. Cinched asked if I was ready for some clothespins to be used and I nodded yes. He put clothespins on my toes and tickled my feet with the electric toothbrush. I was less giggly as the pain makes me process the sensations differently, but I was still enjoying the experience. He asked if I wanted the clothespins off my toes and I nodded yes once again, even though I was seriously worried about what he'd bring out next!

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