1536 - Dolly and Sarah - We've GOT to Get Loose!

11:26 video

The bad man had them. Dolly and Sarah were now helpless, captives of a strange weirdo who had who knows what on his mind. As he silenced them with massive mouth packings and multiple strips of tape, the girls grunted into their gags, Dolly terrified, Sarah defiant. Dolly had plenty of reasons to be afraid, having been stripped to her panties and tied tightly to a chair. Sarah was secured with multiple bands of red tape, keeping her trapped as well, but the second the man left the room, she set about trying to free her friend. Even with her arms bound behind her, Sarah was able to make good progress, loosening the ropes binding Dolly's wrists. Before she can free the girl, the man returned, furious that the pair was trying to escape.  He quickly re-tied Dolly, and then wrapped Sarah's hands into a single sleeve covered in bandages! Now she would not be able to use those wriggling fingers to effect an escape! However, she did still have her toes! Sarah squirmed closer to Dolly, working at the knots with her toes, wrinkling her soles as she worked.  She may have succeeded, but the man returned. Realizing that Sarah would never stop trying to escape, he picked the woman up and tossed her over her shoulder, carrying her away and leaving DOlly to fearfully await his return!

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