1534 - Agatha Deicious - Taped, Topless and Tormented

11:57 video

All she wanted to do was relax and maybe seek a little excitement on her vacation.  She got the excitement, but definitely not in the manner she had hoped for! Wearing jeans and a lovely blue shirt, Agatha had been taped to a chair, a ball gag strapped into her mouth which caused her to drool like mad. She had no idea who her assailant was or how he had gotten into the room, but she gave a silent prayer of thanks for her jeans.  Given the way her legs had been bound, leaving er crotch on display, she was endlessly grateful for those jeans and the modesty they afforded her.  The man returned, carrying a pair of sears, and her heart sank.  First, he ran the blades over her sensitive bare soles, causing her to shriek with laughter, more drool pouring down her chin as she gurgled helplessly. Then he made a small cut in her shirt and tore it open to reveal her bare breasts! She mewled, more drool spilling from her mouth and dripping on her chest, causing her to shudder in disgust and fear. There was no telling what lay in store for her, but she knew one thing: She was going to need a vacation from this vacation!

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