1532 - Minx Pays For Her Fantasy

28:13 video

In Minx Grrl's words:

I had a specific bondage fantasy that I wanted to enact and I managed to find a service online that was willing to cater to my needs! I explained that I wanted a safe and realistic scene that would involve lots of gags to keep me quiet (I have nosy neighbors), I wanted lots of rope and I would try my best to escape, but I sure hoped that I wouldn't be able to!

I ran some errands and when I returned home and began to get comfortable, the man snuck out of the closet, put a gloved hand over my mouth and told me to listen and comply. I did my best to listen to his words but the adrenaline was rushing through my veins. He packed my mouth and gagged me before getting to work tying me up with a ton of rope! I was tied, topless and left to struggle on my own as the man want through my belongings. I realized that the man left my clutch nearby and I made my way to it knowing my phone was in it. I got my phone free and began to get to work when he came back and caught me in the act! The man took my phone and left once again, but I wasn't done trying to escape... I found my nail file in my bag and tried to use it to free myself from the ropes. I wasn't sure I was making progress, but the man returned again. He was displeased with my actions, but he wasn't a complete monster... he sat me up, removed my gag and offered me some water. I was thirsty after my struggle so I took what was offered. The man made sure to grope me when I had finished drinking my water and he let me know that we weren't done yet. He got back to gagging me, wrapping my mouth with vet wrap and adding a leather gag to make sure that I'd be kept quiet! I struggled and writhed around on the bed and soon realized that the man held up his end of the bargain... I would not be able to free myself!

After we wrapped my fantasy bondage scene up, I made sure to thank him for his hard work, told him that he would get a bonus for making sure I couldn't escape and that we would have to do it again really soon, like, next week!


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