1531 - Rachel Adams -Topless, Tied and Teetering

14:46 video

I worked very hard to get Rachel in my clutches. All the hours of monitoring her work schedule, her path home and when she was most likely to be alone and let her guard down really paid off.  Now that I had her, I wasn't about to let her go, so I tied her up in a tight lotus tie, her legs locked and folded before her, a cleave gag turning her grunts and pleas into unintelligible mumblings and moans. To further ensure she wouldn't escape, I had stripped her down to nothing but panties and pantyhose! One thing I didn't have a chance to study was how resourceful and what a good struggler she was.  If I hadn't returned when I did, she might have gotten away! Well, it was easy to fix that problem. I reinforced the gag with a tight turns of vet wrap over the mouth, masking her lips against her teeth.  Her eyes went wide in fear, but a few more winds of the sticky bandage over them left her totally sightless and frustrated.  When I attached the upline from her bonds to the ceiling, I created an interesting predicament for her: struggle too much, lose her balance, and she'd be left a dangling, teetering package, unable to right herself, let alone escape! All I had to do now was wait for her to tire herself out, and then the real fun could begin!

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