1530 - Cara Day - Pole Position

13:07 video

Cara is handcuffed to keep her in place and her cleave gag is secured to the pole... she isn't going anywhere! She moans into her gag and thrashes her arms, but is unable to get herself free. The man walks in, doesn't say a word but shows her his bag full of rope and other goodies. Cara tries to cry out through her gag and the man ignores her. He begins wrapping her midriff to keep her in place before moving up to her torso. Cara tries to wriggle, but the man pays her no mind as he continues to wrap her up. Once her upper body is mostly wrapped, he moves his way down and wraps all the way to her feet. Cara is unable to do much as the man returns to her top half and wraps her chest up and leaves her breasts exposed. He was pleased with his work, but wanted to add a final touch of some electrical tape as an addition to the cleave gag. He told Cara to open her mouth as he wrapped a couple layers of tape and walked away, leaving her to struggle. Poor Cara wasn't going to be going anywhere anytime soon!

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