1525 - Claire Irons - Wrapped and Rigid

31:09 video

Claire starts off in nothing but her panties, topless, ball-gagged and handcuffed to a pole.  She struggles, but the pole is rooted to the spot and no amount of effort will dislodge it.  Helpless, she is then wrapped tightly in plastic wrap, fusing her body to the steel support and reducing her struggles to almost imperceptible wiggles. Now completely helpless, her plastic prison is further secured by two rolls of electrical tape wound tightly up and down her body. Mumbling softly, which is all the gag will allow, she tries to suck in air as I add another layer to her cocoon! Duct tape is wrapped around the poor captive, covering everything from her neck to her feet! Her chest is compressed and her breathing comes in small gasps as her lungs can no longer expand enough for deep breaths.  She mewls throughout her encasement, the handcuffs digging into the small of her back. Trapped and immobilized as she is, there is no way to ease the bite of the steel that encircles her wrists. When I return, I remove the ball gag, only to cram a foam ball into her mouth and add a tight nylon hood to her predicament.  She can do nothing to stop me as I wind the duct tape around her head again and again, even covering her eyes to leave her wallowing in darkness! Now, with even her head held fast, she is left to endure the brutal compression, her only hope of rescue being my benevolent nature!

This video contains behind the scenes footage of me releasing Claire and her discussing her predicament!

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