1519 - Kristyna Dark Chair Tied, Gag Talking and Helpless!

16:07 video

Well, it seems you and Kristyna Dark have had a little argument. It's a pretty one sided argument, as she just won't let you get a word in edgewise, running her big mouth endlessly. As you stand there listening to her bitch endlessly at you, you finally decide to take matters into your own hands, tying her cross legged to a chair. That doesn't seem to teach her a lesson, as she still blathers on, criticizing your rope skills and manhood. Only one thing left to do! Shut that woman up! A nice fat gag gets you part of the way, but even as she struggles, her mouth filled with rubber, she just won't shut up! Of course, it's much harder to understand her with her face-hole crammed that way, but at least now you can laugh as she tries to assert her dominance over you! Don't worry, I'm sure her attitude will improve in a few hours!

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