1518 - Taped to Table with Socks Taped to Face!

22:52 video

In Minx Grrl's words:

Cinched was a little salty that I didn't have dinner on the table by the time he got home so he took charge of the situation by taping me to the table. I told him I could have made dinner by the time he'd finished taping me up, but that didn't go over well so he stuffed my mouth, wrapped some tape around my head to keep it in and added some more tape to my legs before leaving me to struggle. I tried to break free of the tape, but I was good and stuck. I was able to jiggle the table around and get my bound hands free from being pinned to my legs, but Cinched returned to fix that! He wrapped my torso, got my hands secured again and told me I'd have to watch him cook and eat! I struggled more than ever and my ruckus got Cinched's attention again and things only got worse! He wrapped my head with vetwrap, tape and then put his stinky sock on top and added more tape! I was stuck sniffing his smelly sock while taped thoroughly! I would likely reconsider getting dinner on the table before he got home in the future, but we will see!

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