1514 - Rachel Adams - Revenge For Leaving Him At The Altar

11:42 video

Rachel was terrified. She'd been snatched off the street and now was blindfolded, bound, gagged and trapped in a strange house.She struggled with all of her might, mewling into the gag that stretched her jaw, the ropes biting painfully into her flesh.  She had no idea where she was or who had taken her, and fear held her in a vice-like grip. She felt rough hands grip her body and the blindfold was removed.  As she blinked in the bright light, she stared into the face of her captor.  She did not recognize him, but soon he made everything clear.  He was the brother of the man Rachel had left standing at the altar, and he was determined to bring about a very permanent, very uncomfortable reconciliation! Remembering the sadistic nature of her brother, Rachel screamed and renewed her frenzied struggling, but her captor was every bit as talented with rope as his brother, and escape was impossible. The man hogtied her, ensuring their would be no way for her to free herself and left her on the floor, struggling, writhing and drooling into her gag as she awaited the arrival of her former lover.  She knew she was his now and there would be no dissolution of the union.

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