1513 - Lilith Hogtied Nude

14:09 video

As she lay on the floor, body aching, drool spilling from her gagged mouth, she tried to piece together how she had come to this spot. The day had been wonderful. A big promotion at work, a lovely dinner with friends.  Everything had changed when she entered her home. Someone was waiting for her. She didn't know who, not that it would have mattered in the slightest. The stranger wrapped his arms around her body, clamping a hand over her mouth! She was too frightened to scream. If only she had, maybe she wouldn't be in this mess. She had been overpowered, stripped nude and tightly bound with savagely knotted ropes. Her body remained folded in a hog tie as she squirmed as best she could.  Her mouth had been filled with rubber, strapped in to the limits of the notched leather strap, and her pulse drummed in her head. Even her toes had been tied, pulled with agonizing severity into the hogtie.  There was no hope of picking at the knots that secured her, not with her hands taped into a useless stump. She could do nothing to alleviate her pain nor preserve her modesty, as the chill of the room brought goose bumps to her flesh. Her neatly shaved pussy was on full display as she fought for a more comfortable position.  Her small breasts rubbed against the carpet, her nipples chafing painfully. Her assailant returned, removing the gag only to pack her mouth full of a spongy mass that was immediately secured by multiple turns of the stickiest tape she ad ever felt. A blindfold was pulled over her eyes, plunging her into darkness.  There was no escape from her hell, although she tried, heaven knows she tried. She realized she could do nothing but wait to see what lay ahead for her, and she knew in her heart it would not be good.

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