1508 - Rachel and Lilith - Home Invasion

25:03 video

Two girls (Rachel and Lilith) experience a night of bondage terror when they are caught by a man with a very unusual and very lucrative side hustle - tying up women and giving them new homes, whether they want them or not! Rachel was captured first while home relaxing and was soon reduced to a wriggling, writhing thrashing package, bound with a seemingly endless supply of neck ties, including one which was tightly knotted between her teeth! As she struggled for freedom, she heard her roommate Lilith arrive, and tried to warn her, but Lilith could scarcely hear Rachel, let alone understand her muffled, garbled warning and was likewise caught by the intruder. She wound up tightly bound in tape, fused to a chair, ankles crossed, while her captor gleefully filmed her with his camera for his later enjoyment. He left to make arrangements for the transport of the pair, and from that moment on, each girl struggled against time in their separate rooms to escape! Rachel inched her way to her purse, managing to get hold of her cell phone but the captor caught her, and she was left hogtied and tape gagged, writhing in misery before being packed away. Lilith managed to break the tape that fused her to the chair, but she could not loosen the tape that trapped her limbs nor could she dislodge the micro-foam tape and stuffing that was keeping her quiet. She spied a pair of scissors and tried to make her way to them, but she only managed to slip from the chair and crash to the floor, knocking the wind out of herself. As she struggled to regain her composure, she was summarily hoisted into the air over her captors shoulder and carried off to her unknown fate!

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