1507 - Dakkota Seated and Secured

12:10 video

Poor Dakkota! She certainly seems unhappy! Perhaps it's the way she as been strictly bound to that pole. Maybe it's that fat gag filling her mouth.  Maybe it's because she's been stripped to her bra and panties leaving her flesh covered in goosebumps in that cold room. Or maybe it's because I am ignoring her completely and letting her suffer. Frankly, I don't see the problem.  I mean, she's got a nice, hard wooden stool to sit on. So what if she's been tied so that her feet can't quite reach the floor, leaving her toes stretched and pointed in a futile effort to find some relief. Sure, her elbows are on fire, aching from the strain of having them bund so tightly, but at LEAST she can still wiggle her toes and fingers as she tries in vain to keep the circulation flowing in them.  I tell you, some women just have no sense of gratitude!

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