1506 - Sunny Daze Bound and Waiting in Misery

15:27 video

Poor Sunny! She thought nothing could be worse than the feeling of being made to wait for big news. As things turned out, she was VERY wrong! Tied tightly to a chair in nothing but her bra and panties, she struggled, moaning into the fat ball-gag that had been savagely stuffed and buckled into her mouth. To make matters worse, the news she was waiting on would determine how soon she would be released, if at all! Finally her captor returned, informing her that there had been no news as of yet. Angered by her constant moans, he removed the ball gag, stuffed her pretty mouth with a spnge ball, taped it in place with multiple strips of microfoam tape, and then wrapped over it tightly with vet wrap! Now thoroughly silenced, she could only squirm, her head aching from the excruciatingly tight gag! She was VERY conscious of vulnerable how her spread legs left her, and she wiggled her bound legs, her feet scraping uselessly in the air as she tried to escape. Finally, the news came, but her dread only increased as the man informed her that he had had a change of heart: He wasn't going to let her go! Worse, he left, leaving her still fused to the chair! She sobbed into her gag, wondering if anyone would ever find her, and what they might do to her if they did!

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