1505 - Cara Day - Tape Tied, Barefoot, Hogtied and Gagged

13:21 video

Cara is in one sticky situation! Caught home alone by a burglar, she found her legs tightly fused together with duct tape. Her screams were going unanswered, but perhaps that was due to the meaty hand of the burglar which was clamped like a vise over her mouth! When he did remove his hand, she warned him to let her go before her boyfriend got home. Instead, he crammed her mouth full of packing and then layered an obscene number of strips of tape over it! Poor Cara! She felt like her mouth had been set in cement! Then the burglar taped her arms behind her back and to her torso, rendering her incapable of pulling the gluey mass off her face! Now all she could do was thrash and struggle, grunting, moaning and screaming into her packed mouth as she twisted, turned and squirmed. She had been left barefoot and the wriggling, stretching and arching of her feet and toes showed just how panicked she was and how desperate she was to free herself. The creep returned, adding still more tape to her gag before shoving her onto her side and taping her hands to her feet! Now helplessly hogtied, she bucked and flopped like a fish, pulling against her bonds in the faint hope that she may be able to tear the tape loose, but she was stuck fast. As the burglar left her behind, Cara had one regret: having lied about having a boyfriend, because she was going to be trapped like this for a very long time!

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