1503 - Izzabella Robbins - Tied For Her Ticket

15:46 video

Izzabella thought it was her lucky day! She won a huge jackpot in the lottery! Unfortunately, she made one mistake: telling her roommate of her windfall! He wanted the money for himself, so he tied her tightly to a chair and demanded to know whee the ticket was. She refused to tell him, so he shoved a fat ball gag into her mouth and left her to struggle while he went off in search of the ticket! Izzabella struggled, grunting and groaning behind her gag as she fought to free herself, but it was no use. Her only hope was that her roommate didn't find the ticket! Her hopes seemed to be coming true when he returned empty handed. However, he wasn't about to give up. He took more ropes and lashed her feet to the chair, ignoring her complaints and the drool that poured down her body, spotting her shiny blouse. The bondage was very tight and very painful, and Izzabella began to wonder just how long it would be before she cracked under the strain. Her roommate was thorough, searching the entire house and returning again and again, each time making her situation more humiliating and frustrating. He pulled her skirt up so her panties were on full display and opened her blouse so her lovely breasts, encased in a sheer bra that revealed her nipples could be plainly seen. The room was cold and her nipples erect to further her humiliation, and the drool pouring down her chest was cold and slimy. Finally, the man found the ticket, but he wanted to make certain that Izzabella could do nothing to keep him from claiming the prize, so he wound sticky microfoam tape over her already gagged mouth to ensure no one would hear her and free her!! All she could do was watch helplessly as he left, screaming into her gag n anger and dismay as she realized maybe she hadn't been so lucky after all!

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