1332 Calisa and Bella - UltraGirl - Generation Next

17:13 video

When mild-mannered girl next door Calisa Bliss inherited the mantle of UltraGirl, she thought that saving the city (and the world) would be a breeze! Unfortunately, her youthful arrogance would prove to be her undoing! She had learned that the mayor's daughter had vanished, apparently in relation to a plot to alter the water supply of the city, turning them into obedient drones would would blindly follow the orders of a criminal mastermind. Cruelly fastened to a chair with hand cuffs and leg cuffs, the mayor's daughter (Bella Luxx) struggled in terror.  Her struggles in her short skirt constantly exposed her pantries, but in her terror, the drooling, helpless girl was unaware of her her actions exposed herself. UltraGirl arrived in the nick of time, subduing the villain and releasing the mayor's daughter, who was so grateful she grabbed UltraGirl and gave her a deep kiss! Suddenly, UltraGirl could no longer move, thanks to a magic lipstick worn by the mayor's daughter! It turned out that the mayor's daughter was in cahoots with the villain, and the entire situation had been a trap! Helpless, UltraGirl found herself stringently bound in lotus position, effectively turning her into an impotent bound ball, her cries for help and frustration stifled by the tight panel gag that stuffed her mouth and sealed her angry grunts forever in leather! Can she escape and save the city?

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