1183 - Alba Zevon - UltragIrl Caught Snooping

22:27 video

UltraGirl (Alba Zevon) is hot on the trail of a man intent on destroying the globe with stolen nuclear weapons and codes.  Dressed inconspicuously in a tight skirt, crisp white blouse, high heels and hose, she has finally tracked the man down. As she breaks into his room, she feels luck is on her side as the man is nowhere to be found.  His laptop, however, is in plain sight and UltraGirl quickly breaks the code.  A bit too confident in her discovery, she fails to notice the man until his hands encircle her body and clamp tightly over her mouth! Worse still is the cloth pressed over her nose which supplies her with deep breath after deep breath of a strange substance that quickly saps her of her strength and causes her to lose consciousness! The XXXX and lifeless heroine is powerless to resist the man as he fondles and gropes her, delighting in the way her limbs flop lifelessly in his grasp! But business always comes before pleasure, and the man moves the helpless girl to a chair.  When she recovers, she fights against him, but cannot prevent him from sealing her mouth with strips of tape, opening her blouse and groping her large breasts before he transfers her to safekeeping in a closet, her wrists bound behind her and pulled high into the air! She fights against her bondage, finally managing to free her arms, and she hops through the room in search of freedom.  Realizing the time has come to employ her secret identity, she transforms into Ultragirl and confronts the villain.  Unfortunately for her, he is ready for her, employing a sonic device that paralyzes her! As he gloats over the turn of events, he activates another function of the device, and she crumples to the floor in a heap! The man spends more time fondling the XXXX, unconscious body of the sexy super-heroine before binding her in tight leather straps! Completely helpless, she cannot stop him from wedging a huge red ball gag into her mouth which he tightens brutally, forcing the rubber silencer deep into her protesting mouth! To make matter worse, he hogties her and adds even more straps to her helpless form, transforming her into a package that can barely twitch! Now panicked, she fights as best she can, but the straps are agonizingly tight, and escape is impossible!  When the man returns, laptop in tow, he informs the helpless heroine that she is coming with him to become his new plaything, and he buckles a leather blindolfd over the girl! Now mute and sightless, she mewls into the gag, regretting this particular mission!

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