967 - Bella's Cuffed Attitude Adjustment

15:45 video

Bella has bought a brand new set of lingerie, and it's simply breathtaking.  Everything including the heels, stockings, garters, bra and panties are simply to drool over.  Her boyfriend thinks it is nearly perfect, but it does need just a tiny splash of color, in the form of bright red cuffs and a nice red ball gag! Bella doesn't seem to agree, angrily demanding he release her.  He, in turn, doesn't like her demeanor or her lack of appreciation of his fashion sense and decides she can stay cuffed and gagged until she has a change of attitude. A battle of wills begins, with Bella furiously trying to free herself, cursing and protesting, her words transformed into wet, drooling gibberish by the ball strapped into her ungrateful mouth.  Perhaps a hogtie will change her attitude? Her boyfriend discovers that it doesn't change things in the slightest, but he does enjoy her increased helplessness! He gives her a simple proposition: apologize for her behavior, thank him for the gift, and compliment him on her favorite thing about him, and she'll be released.  She steadfastly refuses, but as fatigue sets in and her jaw begins to ache and her limbs begin to burn, she capitulates, thanking him and complimenting him.  She has actually begun to enjoy the game, delighting in how he has dominated her, and she cannot hide her smile behind her gag as he realizes this.  Giggling, she playfully expects to be let out, but that isn't in the cards for this evening! Her boyfriend wants to ensure this attitude adjustment is permanent, and leaves her alone, cuffed, drooling and frustrated for the remainder of the night!

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