966 - Rachel's Bed Bondage

19:15 video

Life is full of paradoxes.  Rachel discovered an interesting one recently. If you tie a woman up on a nice soft bed, she fatigues much faster than normally, as the bed swallows her movements, making her work much harder to free herself.  And of course, with her jaw stretched to the breaking point thanks to the huge ball gag, she's in agony almost immediately.  Even resting on her belly is a challenge, as the bed wants to swallow her face and make breathing difficult.  Still, she does not stop struggling, because that's the way I want it.  When I return to gauge her progress, she's spent, and cannot offer even token resistance when I bind her elbows together, hogtie her, and anchor her helpless body to multiple points on the bed! For the final touch, a tie a nice, snug crotch rope and then use it to stretch her body even more, anchoring it tightly to ensure she cannot move a muscle. All she can do now is twitch, moan and grind her sex against that maddening rope between her legs.  She wanted a rest? She'll get one, but on my terms!

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