965 - AJ Marion - The Wedding Crasher

17:26 video

AJ Marion has never quite gotten over her old boyfriend, and once she hears that he is about to marry another, she decides that she has to make her move. Determined to crash the wedding, she is confident that once the groom to be sees her, he'll dump his current flame and return to her arms! And she's not the only one who thinks so! The bride has decided to ensure the wedding goes off without a hitch by hiring two goons to bind poor AJ to guarantee she doesn't make it to the ceremony! She squirms and protests as the two men tightly tie her wrists, elbows, ankles and legs! It's so tight she can't even enjoy the crotch rope nestled between her legs! To make sure no one comes to help the pour little lady, a fat spongy ball is crammed into her delicate mouth, and endless wraps of medical bandage are wound around her head and between her teeth, compacting the mouth packing until it feels like concrete! Thoroughly muffled, all she can do now is fight against the ropes. Everything is so tight, she quickly realizes that unless she acts quickly, not only will she never get loose, her limbs will go numb and leave her even more helpless! Her efforts aren't made any easier by the goons who keep reappearing to improve the gag and hogtie her, reducing her already slim chance of escape to nothing! She thrashes and grunts, but she's getting very tired from her struggles, and despite the pain in her limbs, exhaustion overtakes her and she drifts off to sleep. Of course, she never feels it when the goons return and open her blouse to reveal her pretty little bobs and perky nipples. Liking what they see, they decide that they'll let the services be their gift to the bride. And poor AJ? She'll be their gift to themselves!

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