961 - Lilith's Orgasmic Vacation

12:24 video

When vacationing, Lilith always rents a home to stay in, and she is always delighted to learn that the owner is nearby in case of emergencies.  Well, the owner of this place is far too nearby, and now she definitely is facing an emergency! Bound spread-eagled to the bed, her short nightie doing nothing to hide the fact that she isn't wearing any panties, she struggles and pulls at her bonds hoping to free herself or at least to be able to pull her legs closed and afford herself a bit of modesty.  The ropes are tied far too well, and Lilith remains helpless and exposed.  When the owner returns, he stuffs a pliable foam ball into her mouth and seals it with strip after strip of red tape, delighting in the way it not only thoroughly seals her mouth shut, but the way the red contrasts against her lovely dark complexion! Now unable to cry for help, Lilith can only watch with apprehension as he pulls out a vibrator and slowly begins to work her over with it! First he plays it over her chest, relishing the way her nipples involuntarily come to attention.  When he moves it between her legs, her learns the girl is quite orgasmic! Writhing, moaning and cumming again and again, her cries occasionally stifled by a rough hand over her mouth, Lilith is played like a violin! The man un-gags her and leaves her to struggle against her bonds, but she is so spent from her orgasms she can barely move, let alone fight for freedom!

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