958 - Lil Mizz Unique - Time's Running Out!

20:10 video

When Lil Miz Unique left town for a short business trip, she was certain she was safe from the bondage burglar who had been plaguing her neighborhood.  Unfortunately, she wasn't safe from the hotel manager! Inspired by the reports of the burglar, he sees this as his chance to get out from under his failing business, and all he needs to do it is the helpless girl and the valuables she has locked in her safe! Before she knows it, the poor thing is stripped to her panties and bound and gagged VERY tightly in the dingy bathroom of her "suite"! Left to struggle while the owner cracks into the safe, the frightened and determined girl eventually manages to get to her feet and hop through the suite, collapsing on the sofa in exhaustion.  There she notices her cell phone, and desperately uses her nose to try and call for help! Unfortunately for her, she's found by the owner, who decides to secure her a bit more thoroughly! Now bound to a chair, she is subjected to a massive multiple gagging that leaves her silenced under vet wrap, scarves, tape and a cloth OTM gag! She listens in horror as the owner explains that he'll be committing a copy cat crime based on the famed bondage burglar, and she'll be the helpless victim - UNLESS she can free herself from her bondage before the nearby explosives go off! Can she do it, or will evil triumph?

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