956 - Claire Irons - Mummified, Squeezed and Immobilized

50:50 video

When Claire wanted to move on to a more extreme mummification, she was sure she could handle it.  What she failed to count on was just how disturbing it would be to find herself slowly wrapped in layer after layer of platic and vinyl tape, unable to do anything but listen to the steady stream of verbal mind-fuckery that ILRB and myself doled out. As the wrappings swallowed more and more of her toned, fit body, her mind was endlessly playing over the list of things we had planned for her.  When she realized that THIS style of sarcophoguy mummy supplied a constant, uneasing torment of endless vertical AND horizontal compression so that she was squeezed from literally every direction at once, she suddenly realized that the complete loss of her ability to see, speak, hear or move was going to be a challenge she was DEFINITELY not prepared for! All wrapping showmn on screen so you can watch her unease escalate!

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