951 - Nurse Jayda's Horrible House Call

13:11 video

When Jayda became a nurse, all she wanted was to help people.  Now, SHE'S the one in need of help! Bound tightly in tape by her unruly patient, her mouth packed and her head wrapped in a monstrous tape gag that is pulled deeply between her teeth, wound over her head and under her chin, and finally wrapping itself time after time around her pretty little mouth, there is NO WAY on earth she'll ever be able to eject the mouth packing or work the gag loose! Noe that she is silenced to her assailant's liking, more tape fuses her elbows together, locking her arms to her torso and fusing her legs together at ankles, above and below the knees and even just below her panties, ensuring her limbs are utterly useless! She struggles as best she can, thrashing about, rolling around on the floor, screaming and pleading into the gag, but all she can produce are unintelligible squeals and moans! When her assailant brings out a large trunk, she starts to panic, but she cannot keep him from manhandling her body into the small space and sealing her in! Now, packed most uncomfortably into her wooden cell, she knows she'll never be heard from again!

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