950 - Ava's Divorce

13:31 video

Ava has grown bored with her husband, and demands a divorce.  Not only is he hurt by her request, he's insulted by her demands: She wants half of everything, she wants the car, she wants the house, and she wants him gone immediately! He decides to take matters into his own hands by "negotiating" a settlement a bit more to his own liking! After an unexpected afternoon nap, Ava groggily returns to consciousness to find herself tightly lashed to a chair, her mouth filled with a fat ball gag to stifle her cries! Confused, she tests her bonds and cautiously calls for help, but soon realizes she is in a VERY bad situation! She thrashes and strains against the ropes, her big boobs straining against her blouse and her bonds, but there is no slack to be found.  Her husband enters the room, several coils of rope in his hand and an evil glint in his eye.  He begins adding more rope to the already helpless woman, delighting in how she pleads for release through the gag, drool spilling down her chin.  Her bitchy attitude has definitely changed, not that it will do her any good! He explains that she'll definitely be getting a home - a shack far out in the middle of nowhere where she will remain bound and gagged for the rest of her life! Of course, in exchange for this new life of luxury, she'll be subjected to multiple conjugal visits! She shivers in fear as he opens her blouse to reveal her sheer bra, nipples visible to anyone who may happen to look in the window! As she tries once more to plead for mercy, he removes a roll of clear tape and winds it around her face tightly, sealing in the ball gag even more securely! Now, her chances of calling for help having been stolen away, she can only wait and struggle for nightfall when she'll be making the journey to her new home and new life!

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