891 Rachel - Full Coverage

22:06 video

Rachel is a sweet girl, but one thing she has no patience for is a high pressure salesman, so when the insurance agent shows up unannounced at her door, she wastes no time in telling him off.  Of course, some salesmen won't take no for an answer, and this one is determined to show her the benefits of full coverage! He starts by wrapping her in an insanely tight white cocoon made of super sticky (and extremely constricting) white electrical tape!  Barely able to keep her balance, she nevertheless struggles, wiggling back and forth, hopping, turning in circles, all while grunting her disapproval and giving the salesman a piece of her mind.  Sensing that she will be a difficult client, he decides to show her an example of blanket coverage! While still in the white cocoon, she is rolled up in a blanket and then mummified AGAIN with black electrical tape! To add insult to injury, he packs her mouth and wraps the tape tightly around her face before tossing her on the bed! All she can do is shout angrily into her gag, flopping like a fish, wiggling her sock-clad feet! She is determined to have him fired when she is released, but he still isn't finished with her! He binds her in an ultra tight leather sleep sack, lacing and strapping the entire contraption until she feels like a tick about to pop! Adding a nice leather hood, she finally gets a taste of his idea of full coverage! Mummified in three layers and locked in this leather prison, hew body sweltering from the heat, she mewls in misery, completely helpless and at his mercy! Sad to say, that's a quality he doesn't seem to possess, as Rachel learns when he hangs her upside down from a pole and leaves! Swaying back and forth, sobbing and grunting as she feels the pulse pounding in her head and the unbearable constriction of her multi layered prison, Rachel now has an idea of what high-pressure really means!!

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