879 - Chanelle Celsius - Voice Recognition Failure!

15:07 video

Chanelle has just purchased a state of the art home security system complete with high end voice recognition software, ensuring she'll always be safe at home.  Unfortunately, the tech that installed the equipment believes in testing things under the most extreme real world situations he can think of.  Now, bound to a chair, the furious girl finds herself gagged over and over and over so that the tech can "adjust" the system.  From huge, mouth filling ball gags to giant sponge balls sealed in with tape to multiple handkerchiefs cleave gagging her mouth to tightly strapped panel gags to a mouth stuffed full of rags and sealed shut with brutaly tight microfoam tape, Chanelle finds her ability to manage the system SEVERELY compromised by the effective gags.  To make matters worse, the tech decides that to really test things out, he'll need to leave her bound and gagged while he monitors the system "remotely", and he exits, leaving the furiously struggling and silenced girl stuck fast to the chair until he decides to return!

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