874 - Daphne & Velma - The Last Case

10:52 video

Daphne and Velma have split of from Mystery Inc to solve a case on their own! While investigating a smuggling operation, the two intrepid investigators found themselves searching an old warehouse when a mysterious green gas began to fill the room!  Their eyes wide with confusion, they slowly slumped to the ground as the gas overtook them! When their heads cleared, they found themselves tightly bound and gagged in a strange apartment: the home of the smuggling king!  Their mouths sealed with tape, the girls struggled against their bonds, but they soon realized escape was impossible.  Trying to communicate with each other, the girls used their back-to-back positions to try and free their wrists, but it was no use.  Soon the head of the operation arrived, and explained his latest venture.  Not only was he a world-class smuggler, he had recently entered the demolition business, destroying old properties that the city considered a blight on the landscape, such as the very apartment the girls were held prisoner in! As he pointed out the nearby bomb, the girls stared in terror as they realized their moments on earth were numbered, unless they could escape.  Laughing, the villain started the countdown and left the helpless heroines alone to await their demise! Struggling and screaming frantically, their efforts hampered by the ropes and sealed mouths, they fought like mad to free themselves, but it was just a matter of time before they would meet their doom...and this time, the jerk with the ascot wouldn't be around to help them!!

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