807 - Jayda and Izzebella - The Anniversary - Part 2

24:04 video


Izzebella returns to her lover, Jayda, to continue her sensual teasing and torment.  The ebony beauty is still bound to a chair, cleave gagged, and positively cooing into her gag in anticipation and delight as Izzebella slowly and sensually fondles the girl, before bringing out a brand new surprise! A riding crop!  Izzebella strikes Jayda's tender, tingling flesh again and again as the girls yelps and purrs with delight at every blow.  But both girls get yet another surprise when the two men who bound Jayda return! Izzebella protests that they are spoiling the celebration, but her arguments are quickly silenced by a hand clamped down tightly over her mouth! As Jayda looks on, Izzebella is bound and gagged with a big red ball gag and anchored to a chair, just like she is! While her lover is being secured, one of the two men take the crop and work Jayda over some more! Jayda is in seventh heaven, thinking it's all part of the surprise Izzebella had planned for her, but Izzebella had nothing like this in mind! Soon both girls are bound, gagged and helpless as the bad guys use the riding crop on every inch of their flesh, and Jayda gets extra "attention" as her clamps are removed, her nipples squeezed nice and hard, and her boobs struck again and again with the crop.  The two girls are ordered to look into each others eyes and say "I love you" each time a blow dances across their skin, and the drooling beauties do so, Jayda never noticing the fear in Izzebella's eyes as she does so.  Finally, the two girls are left alone and bound, Jayda excitedly wondering what the next surprise will be, and Izzebella fearfully wondering the very same thing!!

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