806 - Kitty's Good Vibrations

26:36 video

Kitty starts this one off fully naked, her mouth stuffed with a big ball gag that already makes her jaws ache.  With her elbows, wrists, ankles and knees bound and locked to her chest, about all she can do is kick her feet impotently and mewl, showing off her pussy each time she kicks.  Knowing what a bondage slut she is, I enter and remove the ball gag.  She has the barest few seconds of relief before I pack her mouth, wrap vet wrap around it to seal everything in nice and tight, and then winds a few wraps of electrical tape over it!  Her grunts and groans as the process unfolds are absolutely a delight to my mean little heart! Now it's time to really get her secured! I add rope after rope, compacting her tiny naked body into a tight little ball.  I still allow her freedom to kick for now, because the uselessness of her efforts pleases me.  Now it's time to really give her something to think about! She mewls and squeezes her eyes shut, howling as I force a plug up her ass.  This one is a little bit special, equipped with a ring at the end.  That feature doesn't go to waste, as I now tie the crotch rope through the ring and use it to hogtie her! Now neither she OR the butt plug are going anywhere at all! She's left to wiggle and grunt for a bit, and then I return with a Doxy vibrator.  When I turn it on and press it against the plug that fills her ass, she goes wild! The orgasms are totally overpowering her, so to give her a little break, I alternate between vibing the plug and using the toy to tickle her sensitive little feet!  She twitches and squirms, alternating between laughter, moans of pleasure and tremendous frustration and humiliation, but she's not going to get out any time soon.  I, however, have things to do, so I tie the vibrator into the ropes that keep her secured, ensuring that asshole is going to be feeling good vibrations for a long time to cum!

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